The issues that really matter for Chatham County

Helen's Platform

The goal of the county commission is to provide all citizens the best place to live, work and play. Commissioner Helen Stone has a proven history of dedication to that goal.

the role of the chatham county commissioner

serving the community

A county commissioner’s job is to act as the executive, legislative and judicial branches of county government. Duties include public safety, the courts, budgeting and appropriation of funds for all county activities, the building of roads and infrastructure , drafting and enforcing ordinances that do not conflict with state law. In addition setting the tax levies for the county and the unincorporated areas.

Fiscal Responsibility

Helen has never voted for a millage increase in the Maintenance and Operations or the Special Service District (unincorporated Chatham County) budgets. She requested a millage rollback for the last 2 years in the SSD. When Helen took office, the county had dangerously depleted their reserves. The county now has enough in reserves for a AA+ bond rating and enough to cover a natural disaster. Currently, the only thing keeping the county from obtaining a AAA bond rating is COVID-19. If re-elected, Helen will continue to fight for responsible budgets while keeping taxes low.

mental health advocacy

services for the at-risk

Helen has been a strong advocate for low level offenders who suffer from a mental illness or substance abuse, who do not need to be incarcerated, but need help. Helen was instrumental in the opening of the Gateway Behavioral Crisis Center in Chatham County.

A Safer Chatham County

As a commissioner for District 1, Helen advocated for a police precinct on Whitefield Avenue in the county. Helen has put a priority on creating an environment that allows the police to focus on protecting the citizens of District 1. This is why she supported Chatham County separating their police force from the City of Savannah and will continue to be an advocate for the safety of her constituents.

improving quality of life

green spaces

Isle of Hope Park
Helen is always looking for ways to increase the quality of life for the citizens of Chatham County. In doing so, she has advocated for the refurbishment of several parks in District 1 including Burnside Island Park and Isle of Hope Park. She was instrumental in fixing the Rodney Hall Boat Ramp and the refurbishment of Butter Bean Beach. If re-elected, Helen will continue to be a fierce advocate for green space and safe places for recreation within her district.